Using Crystals for Chakra Healing

Using crystals for chakra healing is ideal for when the day has been a struggle, the week has been overwhelmingly busy, or when our emotions feel all over the place.

The following practice is simple and relaxing, only taking up a small amount of your time.

The Steps

1. Pick one of each of your crystals associated with the following chakra colours;

Crown – White/Violet
Third Eye – Indigo
Throat – Blue
Heart – Green/Pink
Solar Plexus – Yellow
Sacral – Orange
Root – Red/Black

2. Spend a few minutes holding the crystals to connect to your chakras

3. Make sure any distractions are switched off or changed to silence mode (unless you would like to use calming music). Lay in a comfortable spot and place your crystals on your chakras.

4. Start by taking a few deep slow breaths into your belly. Calm your mind and stay present.

5. Begin with the root chakra. Imagine the colour radiating around that area, then using the mantra “I am”, repeat a few times. When ready, finish off by thanking the crystal and then move upwards to the next chakra.

6. Repeat the same process with all the other chakras up until you finish off the crown chakra (see below mantras for the other chakras).



*You might at times start to have wondering thoughts about life. In this case, just re-centre yourself and stay present.

7. Once you have finished with each chakra and thanked each crystal, take a minute to lay with your eyes open. Proceed to remove each of the crystals. Turn to your side and slowly get up. Drink a glass of water afterwards.

Sometimes relaxing the mind and body is what we need…and a chakra healing can do just that!

Enjoy & Sending love!


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