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Fuchsite is known as a stone full of love and compassionate energy that is here to rejuvenate one’s emotional body. This stone can take the “weight” off of your shoulders daily, providing nourishing vibrations for one’s body, heart and soul. Fuchsite’s power pushes one into a very relaxed state that is perfect for someone looking to engage in deep meditation sessions.

In addition to calming your emotional body, this stone will also provide mental clarity to help one connect with their inner self. By allowing positive energy to flow through your body, you will significantly help yourself along the way.

Fuchsite is the stone of rejuvenation and renewal. When you feel like you’re stuck where you are and nothing significant is happening with your life, Fuchsite is a very good stone to have with you. It will give you a fresh new perspective on life, and it will make you appreciate all the good things you have going for you.

Global Mining Sites

Fuchsite can be found all over the world however a few countries such as Brazil, South America, and India are known to have some of the most beautiful pieces we’ve ever seen. Other notable localities include Russia, the United States, Germany, Madagascar, and Switzerland.


It’s a fairly common mineral first discovered in the early 1800’s and named in honour of the famed German mineralogist Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs

It takes its name from the Latin “viridis”, meaning “green”, for its specific colour. The peoples of southern Africa have long appreciated verdite because it comes from their homes and has been used for centuries in the form of amulets and ornamental stones. It is very well known in African works of art.


Fuchsite, also known as Green Muscovite and Chrome Mica, is a crystal of the mica family. It crystallizes in the form of masses, scales, layered plates, and even tiny tabular crystals.

It’s green colour comes from the natural addition of Chromium to its genetic compound. It’s usually a very light green stone but it can also be found in a medium to dark green.

Which Crystals to Pair with?

If you want more power, love, or healing in your life, you can combine your Fuchsite with Herkimer Diamonds or Lepidolite.

However, Fuchsite is quite a laid back stone, so it works well with any kind of crystal in your collection. Because of this, please don’t feel too shy in sharing the energies of this stone with any other crystal in your collection.

Healing Properties


Zodiac:   Aquarius
Planets:   Mercury, Earth
Element:   Earth

Physical Characteristics

Hardness:   4
Mineral Species:   Muscovite
Chemical Formula:   Chrome Mica (K(Al,Cr)3Si3O10(OH)2)
Lustre:   Vitreous to Pearly




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