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Sodalite is a stone of insight, a key to unlocking deepened intuition. It increases the users’ insight and allows them to get over the mental hurdles they may struggle with daily. The energy of this stone also has the ability to boost mental performance and assist in developing ones’ intuition. The stone’s high vibrations aid truth and will help you better understand yourself and what needs to be worked on.

Sodalite helps you dive deep down into your subconscious, allowing true evaluation. This stone may help you notice your strengths and weaknesses, as well as assisting in finding your true desires.

Sodalite is helpful due to it’s ability to enhance will power, filling us with extra motivation to reach our goals. This stone can help release ourselves from old conditioning and programming of the past in order to move forward.

Sodalite assists in all issues of communication. This stone especially helps end arguments and encourage rational thought, and the verbal expression of feelings. It is a truth stone, helping to bring about emotional honesty and authenticity.

Global Mining Sites

The biggest deposits of this stone are in Brazil. It has also been found in Russia, Greenland, Romania, France, India, Myanmar, Namibia, Canada and the USA.


Sodalite was first discovered in 1811 by Europeans in Greenland, But it’s been traced back to the Caral People (2600-2000 B.C.) near Lima for trading. Sodalite did not gain in popularity until a vast deposit of it was discovered in Ontario, Canada in 1891.


The meaning of its name relates to its high sodium content. Sodalite is generally blue, or blue-grey with white Calcite mixed within, but it does depend on where it comes from. Its rarely seen in crystal form and uncommonly found in shades of white, red, and green.

Which Crystals to Pair with?

Sodalite pairs well with Lapis Lazuli when trying to enhance mental performance and will assist in bringing truthful insight to the user.

Rose Quartz and Sodalite conjure some of the highest levels of self-healing. Both stones have very high vibrational frequencies making it easy to release negativity and replace it with pure enlightenment.

Healing Properties


Zodiac:   Sagittarius
Planet:   Venus, Moon
Element:   Air

Physical Characteristics

Hardness:   5.5 – 6
Mineral Species:  Feldspathoid
Chemical Formula:  Sodium Aluminium Silicate Chloride
Lustre:   Vitreous to Greasy




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