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  • chakra crystal packchakra crystal pack Sale
    • Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Angelite, Rose Quartz, Green Jade, Citrine, Carnelian, Red Jasper & Black Obsidian
    • Helps you with realignment of the seven main chakra’s + higher heart, soul star & earth star chakras
    • Using crystals with the chakra’s can have a great healing effect
    • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
  • meditation crystal packmeditation crystal pack Sale
    Amethyst | Angelite | Clear Quartz | Iolite | Selenite
    • Amethyst, Angelite, Clear Quartz, Iolite & Selenite
    • Perfect for the soul star, crown, third eye and throat chakras
    • Calms the mind and increases sense of focus and clarity
    • Helps one ease into an effortless state of meditation
    • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
  • stress relief crystal packstress relief crystals Sale
    Amethyst | Blue Calcite | Fluorite | Howlite | Lepidolite
    • Amethyst, Blue Calcite, Fluorite, Howlite, Lepidolite
    • Perfect for the third eye and crown chakras
    • Helps cope with uninvited stress & anxiety
    • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
  • amethyst deluxe crystal candleamethyst deluxe crystal candle Sale
    Meditation | Stress Relief | Relaxation
    • Hand-poured in Melbourne
    • Contains Amethyst crystal
    • Scented with Lavender essential oil
    • 100% pure soy wax
    • Approx. 48 hours burning time
    • 85mm diameter x 100mm height
  • amethyst clusteramethyst cluster Sale
    Calm | De-stress | Meditation
    • Hand-picked to ensure a truly unique form
    • Perfect for the Crown and Third Eye Chakras
    • Cleansed under a full moon
    • Enriched with Reiki energy
    • Size: 4cm H x 6cm W x 3cm D
  • amethyst tumbled crystal candleamethyst tumbled crystal candle Sale
    Intuition | De-stress | Spirituality
    • Hand-poured in Melbourne
    • Contains Amethyst crystal
    • 100% pure soy wax
    • Scented with Palo Santo essential oil
    • Approx. 48 hours burning time
    • 85mm diameter x 100mm height

Amethyst helps to purify and protect both the physical and spiritual bodies. It helps to let go of unhealthy thought or behaviour patterns and purifies the energy field of one’s body. This makes it an all around excellent healing stone as it removes negative influences that would hinder one’s spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. This stone is extremely relaxing and helps calm the mind and relieve stress.

Amethyst also provides the clarity of mind needed when making important decisions and investments. In meditation this stone helps one to still their thoughts and expand into higher states of consciousness.

It is beneficial in sleep and dream work, bringing one into a pleasant dream state. Amethyst strongly enhances perception which can awaken inner wisdom and greater understanding. This accelerates the development of one’s intuition and psychic ability. Spiritually, it facilitates and enhances one’s connection with Spirit Guides, Angels, and God.