Black Obsidian

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  • chakra crystal packchakra crystal pack Sale
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    • Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Angelite, Rose Quartz, Green Jade, Citrine, Carnelian, Red Jasper & Black Obsidian
    • Helps you with realignment of the seven main chakra’s + higher heart, soul star & earth star chakras
    • Using crystals with the chakra’s can have a great healing effect
    • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
  • black obsidian tumbled crystal candleblack obsidian tumbled crystal candle Sale
    Communication | Grounding | Protection
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    • Hand-poured in Melbourne
    • Contains Black Obsidian crystal
    • 100% pure soy wax
    • Scented with Palo Santo essential oil
    • Approx. 48 hours burning time
    • 85mm diameter x 100mm height

This volcanic glass aids in protection, grounding, and spiritual communication. Known as a “psychic vacuum cleaner”, Black Obsidian gets rid of all the junk and cleanses all negativity out of your auric field and environment.

This stone has powerful grounding frequencies and will heavily assist in psychic protection when needed, sealing the aura and removing energetic attachments. This protective shield enables one to go back into past lives for healing and to work on ancestral and family lines.

Obsidian also brings out all of our creative energies, important to constantly be using our creative energies to keep them free-flowing. When we reduce our output of creativity, these energies begin to go dormant, so it’s very hard to re-ignite certain creative energies.