Crystals and Positive Energy for the Home

A House. We build it or buy it. Then we really create it into a home. There are so many ideas on how we can create a beautiful home. Everyone has his or her style, it all depends on what décor your after and the feeling that comes along with it. Crystals are a great way to create a home that immerses itself with peaceful, loving and positive vibes. They are also beautiful, adding a splash of colour and adding a natural earthy element.

You can require crystals for different reasons…specific moments in life, a decor item, or even to maintain consistent balance and energy flow within the house. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before buying crystals for your home.

More well-known crystals include Amethyst, Citrine, Rose & Clear quartz. For example, Rose quartz is able to be placed anywhere in the house, but due to its nickname “love stone” the bedroom is the perfect place for it. Visually seen by both people, having the quartz either side of you and your partner’s bedside table creates a strong vibration of unconditional love & emotional healing.


Bedroom setting of rose quartz on bedside table
Rose Quartz perfect for your Bedside Table

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Be sure to take some time on researching what you want in your home. What crystal and why? Which area of the home do they work best? Do you want to share it with your loved ones also?

Everything needs recharging so be sure to recharge your crystals too. You can smudge them with white sage when you feel that they need it. When that beautiful full moon is above us, put all your crystals outside under the stars and moon – They will love it. Many people believe that the moon can clear crystals and recharge the positive energies it holds.

Top shot of crystal and sage
Selenite Crystal & Sage

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