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    • self love gift packrose quartz deluxe crystal candle
      • $139 worth of goods
      • Self love crystal pack, rose quartz gua sha, rose quartz deluxe crystal candle, eye pillow, aromatic bath salts
      • Will help you or someone you love relax and take care of themselves.
      • The perfect gift for a friend or a care package for yourself
    • chakra crystal packchakra crystal pack
      • Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Angelite, Rose Quartz, Green Jade, Citrine, Carnelian, Red Jasper & Black Obsidian
      • Helps you with realignment of the seven main chakra’s + higher heart, soul star & earth star chakras
      • Using crystals with the chakra’s can have a great healing effect
      • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
    • aragonite crystalaragonite crystal Out of Stock
      Acceptance | Grounding | Support
      • Hand-picked to ensure a truly unique form
      • Perfect for all the Chakras, especially the Root chakra
      • Cleansed under a full moon
      • Enriched with Reiki energy
      • Size: 4.5cm H x 3.5cm W x 4cm D

    Everyone in life should have a support system. When times in life get tough, we lose our job, get a divorce, or any of life’s rough moments, we need the support of those around us to help us through. Support can come in the form of a friend, parent, sibling, partner, or even pet.

    Sometimes people in our life can become occupied with their own problems and aren’t able to give the support they normally would. In times like these it is while to have healing crystals on your side. The right crystal can bring you the support when and where you need it most. You can wear it or carrying it on you for a gentle boost of support throughout the day or place it in an area in your home where you can meditate and gain its powerful vibrations in your life.

    When looking for support in your life, you will find it in the joyful colour of orange. Orange is a most amazing colour. It is one of nature’s most powerful colours. It is a colour that nature uses on a vast canvas. The passion of the red ray has an almost multiplicative effect in the orange ray as it combines with the happy elements of gold.