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Hey lovelies, my name is Laura. I am a free spirit, avid crystal lover and the face behind Crystalline Wellness.

I am qualified in crystal healing, reiki and holistic counselling, grounded with knowledge acquired from accomplished teachers, life experience, research and mostly, my own intuition.

I have always listened to my intuition and let the energy of the crystals guide me in the right direction, so I believe you can be guided on your journey in the same way.

Since 2019

Our Mission

a crystallized structure composed of crystals

the active process of awareness and choice-making towards a healthy and fulfilling life

We believe that by offering our products, they can help you to align with your higher self. You can gain the courage and knowing that you are able to achieve anything you set your mind to, manifesting your aspirations into reality.

Why Crystals? Well, when we combine the healing properties of crystals and a mindful effort to evolve, you can finally embark on the spiritual path towards the person you were always meant to be. A crystal is a tool that you can use to craft the best life for yourself, from the inside out. 

We want to aid your crystal selection journey, so that you can actually enjoy the experience. That’s why we work to help you in this process – from selecting your crystal, to cleansing it, and working with it. Just by making this investment in your wellbeing, you’re taking the first step towards positive transformation.


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Doing what you love is freedom.
Loving what you do is happiness.

Laura & Joseph Luca
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