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      • chakra crystal packchakra crystal pack Sale
        • Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Angelite, Rose Quartz, Green Jade, Citrine, Carnelian, Red Jasper & Black Obsidian
        • Helps you with realignment of the seven main chakra’s + higher heart, soul star & earth star chakras
        • Using crystals with the chakra’s can have a great healing effect
        • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
      • abundance crystal packabundance crystals Sale
        Citrine | Aventurine | Green Jade | Pyrite | Tiger's Eye
        • Citrine, Green Aventurine, Green Jade, Pyrite & Tiger’s Eye
        • Perfect for the heart and solar plexus chakra
        • Encourages a positive mind set to help achieve your goals
        • Attracts good luck and rids negativity
        • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
      • creativity crystal packcreativity crystal pack Sale
        Carnelian | Citrine | Quartz | Orange Calcite | Sunstone
        • Carnelian, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Orange Calcite & Sunstone
        • Perfect for the solar plexus, sacral & root chakra
        • Helps you to perceive the world in new and different ways
        • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
      • grounding crystal packgrounding crystal pack Sale
        Bronzite | Hematite | Red Jasper | Shungite | Smoky Quartz
        • Bronzite, Hematite, Red Jasper, Shungite & Smoky Quartz
        • Perfect for the root chakra
        • Ridding negativity and elevating your mood
        • Brings emotional calm and relieves stress
        • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
      • meditation crystal packmeditation crystal pack Sale
        Amethyst | Angelite | Clear Quartz | Iolite | Selenite
        • Amethyst, Angelite, Clear Quartz, Iolite & Selenite
        • Perfect for the soul star, crown, third eye and throat chakras
        • Calms the mind and increases sense of focus and clarity
        • Helps one ease into an effortless state of meditation
        • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
      • motivation crystal packmotivation crystals Sale
        Bronzite | Carnelian | Pyrite | Red Jasper | Tiger's Eye
        • Bronzite, Carnelian, Pyrite, Red Jasper & Tiger’s Eye
        • Perfect for the sacral & root chakra
        • Aligns you to work towards your goals
        • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
      • self love crystal packself love crystal pack Sale
        Aventurine | Green Jade | Kunzite | Rose Quartz | Rhodonite
        • Green Aventurine. Green Jade, Pink Kunzite, Rhodonite & Rose Quartz
        • Perfect for the Heart Chakra
        • Not only promotes Love towards yourself, but others as well
        • Crystals are cleansed under the moon
      • stress relief crystal packstress relief crystals Sale
        Amethyst | Blue Calcite | Fluorite | Howlite | Lepidolite
        • Amethyst, Blue Calcite, Fluorite, Howlite, Lepidolite
        • Perfect for the third eye and crown chakras
        • Helps cope with uninvited stress & anxiety
        • Crystals are cleansed under the moon

      When we combine crystals for a specific intention they can have a synergistic effect. Our crystal packs become a team, similar to a crystal grid but without the geometry. Each stone works in a slightly different way, adding its own energy and support towards your intention.

      Good crystal combinations are hard to find because it has to work with your physical, emotional and spiritual body in addition to zodiac, chakra and feng shui.

      Here, you will discover that crystal possession is a highly effective way to promote health and healing. They can boost your energy, clean your space, attract wealth, enhance your intuition, boost your confidence, attract love and so much more.

      At an atomic level, our universe is in a constant state of vibration. Crystals are extremely good at holding a stable vibration due to their crystalline structure. We, on the other hand are a very complex mix of vibrations that can easily be disturbed and become unbalanced which makes us sick and unwell.

      Crystals emit steady vibrations that help to create balance within oneself and Zen into the spaces around us. It is for this reason that for thousands of years crystals have been used for their powerful healing properties.

      Remember, the information provided is to be used only as a guideline for healing. If you feel attracted to a particular gemstone, then that is the one that offers the healing properties you need at the time. Gemstones are particularly helpful on a holistic level.