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If you’re feeling drained, over-emotional, stressed, uninspired or just in a general rut, it might be time to consider rituals to cleanse your aura to return it to its full potential.

As such, smudge yourself and your space to help return your body, mind and spirit to its centre. Smudging refers to the burning of herbs in traditionally shamanic practices, where the smouldering herb releases a smoke carrying the particular properties of the herb, allowing it to bathe and cleanse the aura.

An example would be to light a sage stick and pass the smoke over each part of the body, starting with the feet and up to the legs, torso, back, sides, arms, hands and finally the neck, face and head. Feel the smoke sweeping and travelling over the different parts of your body, allowing the herb’s properties to cleanse the Higher Self and, as it does, mentally release any negativity from your auric energy.

It’s easy to notice when bad vibes linger in your home. Toxic energy from arguments or illness can accumulate in shared spaces such as living rooms, kitchens and dens. A cleansed and energised room should feel light, fresh, and inviting when you enter.

Like anything in life, getting rid of negative energy takes daily practice, so make sage house cleaning, healing crystals, and other practices an everyday habit for the best results. When you learn how to cleanse your house of negative energy, you’ll be able to experience tranquillity and harmony in your domestic life.