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    • blue calcite cubeblue calcite cube Sale
      Calming | Communication | Empathy
      Original price was: $120.00.Current price is: $90.00.
      • Perfect for the Throat and Third Eye Chakras
      • Cleansed under a full moon
      • Enriched with Reiki energy
      • Size: 5.8cm H x 5.8cm W x 5.8cm D
    • sodalite crystal pointsodalite point Sale
      Communication | Intuition | Motivation
      Original price was: $70.00.Current price is: $52.50.
      • Hand-picked to ensure a truly unique form
      • Perfect for the Third Eye and Throat Chakra
      • Cleansed under a full moon
      • Enriched with Reiki energy
      • Size: 8.5cm H x 3cm W x 3.8cm D

    Like the ocean and the sky, blue crystals can be soothing and calming — but they’re also extraordinarily powerful. It represents clear communication and the honest expression of our ideas. They bring clarity and strength when it comes to speaking our truth and helps us stay cool, calm, and collected as we share what’s on our minds. Struggling to find the words? Blue hues can be used to help you communicate your ideas and emotions clearly and is great for presentations and when speaking one’s truth.

    Crystals: Lapis lazuli, celestite, blue lace agate, blue calcite, and sodalite

    Use: Sharpening communication skills, getting clear on your needs, and gaining clarity around you.