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  • cacao ritual crystal candlecrystal candle box Sale
    Love | Creativity | Relaxation
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    • Perfect addition for cacao ceremonies
    • Hand-poured in Melbourne
    • Contains Red Jasper crystal
    • 100% pure soy wax
    • Scented with Cacao absolute
    • Approx. 48 hours burning time
    • 85mm diameter x 100mm height

Cocoa oil comes from the seeds of the Cacao tree found in both India and the Americas. History has unearthed a copious amount of information to suggest that Cocoa was used back in the era of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Toltecs. It has always been considered an indulgent luxury, and in the earlier ages only kings were allowed to have access to this fine oil.

Associated with the heart chakra which stimulates healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. A heavenly and comforting aphrodisiac oil and an excellent aromatic for uplifting the spirit and inspiring sensual creativity.