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        These stunning eye pillows have been created with lots of love and care, made with 100% cotton, organic lavender and locally sourced wheat. Eye pillows soothe the nervous system by placing gentle weight over your eyes and surrounding muscles, blocking out stimulating light and relaxing your senses.

        A strong but soft fabric allows for comfortable use on the delicate eye area with an ability to mould to your facial structure. Designed to relax and rejuvenate, these Australian made eye pillows are the perfect remedy for a tired or stressed mind and body. They are the perfect travel, yoga or sleep companion.

        Soft and luxurious, they are perfect for meditation, savasana, or relaxing at the end of a long day. Our products include a hint of lavender to induce a calming effect, assisting you to sleep and soothing the nervous system.

        Eye pillows can be used cool, room temperature or warmed. Cooled from the freezer, eye pillows will help tired, puffy eyes, dark circles and help improve circulation. When heated, they soothe dry eyes and relax your mind and body.