Energy Clearing Kit

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  • Includes: Sage Stick, Selenite Wand, Black Tourmaline & Smudging Shell
  • Rids negative energy within a space
  • Cleanses and individuals aura
  • Crystals are cleansed under the moon


Energy Clearing Kit


The ancient tradition of smudging has been a way to get rid of negative energy from a space as well as cleansing the aura of an individual. Each of the crystals have been hand-picked, cleansed by the moon and enriched with Reiki energy.

Sage Stick will help clear any stress or negative energy, as well as cleanse your aura. It also helps disinfect airborne bacteria, which can improve air quality.

Selenite Wand is a great tool to cleanse your aura of any unwanted negative energy. Simply holding the Selenite helps bring an instant state of calmness and peace. Run the Selenite over your body from head to toe and back up again.

Black Tourmaline crystal is well known for protection and grounding. Simply just hold the crystal in your hand or place in the room where you spend most of your time. It also helps with anxiety and stress, cleansing the mind and body from negative thoughts and unworthy feelings.

Smudging Shell is held below the sage stick when smudging, catching any ash that may fall. This step of the smudging ritual symbolises the letting go of all remaining negative energy.  According to ancient folklore, Native Americans believed that using the abalone shell as a white sage smudge bowl helped to carry their messages up to heaven.


*This pack comes in a Pink Velvet Bag along with Information Cards

*Crystals are a natural stone and therefore may vary in size and shape. This is a natural quality of the material, not a fault.

1 review for Energy Clearing Kit

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is an excellent thing and I did my cleanse.

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energy clearing kit

Energy Clearing Kit

Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $41.25.