Lepidolite Point

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  • Hand-picked to ensure a truly unique form
  • Perfect for the Crown, Third Eye, Throat & Heart Chakras
  • Cleansed under a full moon
  • Enriched with Reiki energy
  • Size: 7.8cm H x 2.2cm W x 2.6cm D


This Lepidolite crystal point has been hand-picked so you know you are getting a truly unique form. It is also cleansed under a full moon and enriched with Reiki energy.

What is Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is an expansive stone, stimulating and unblocking all chakras, especially the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakras.

It opens the crown chakra, clearing blockages and bringing cosmic awareness. Any additional energy is transferred and stimulates the third eye. If you need constant confirmation of your self worth or lacking compassion for others, it will re-balance the heart chakra, encouraging self-love.

Lepidolite is very effective in stress relief, aiding in the release of worries and aligning one with acceptance of yourself, others and current life situations. This stone is perfect for challenging situations, as it not only settles and replenishes the emotional body, but also provides enlightened energy that helps one to handle difficult situations. It is most effective when life is most challenging and preserves integrity when needing to make big changes in a short time.

Lepidolite helps one to easily find a harmonious course of action and to see any problem that arises as a way of learning. Lepidolite also provides patience and helps one to listen to others with compassion. It has an acceptance aspect that is very effective when one is depressed, allowing one to dive into the sorrow and understand it rather than resist it and continue to suffer.

Lepidolite is an amazing ally in dreamwork, preventing nightmares and dream recall. It releases fears of the unknown future and assists in maintaining faith that all is working out for the best. Lepidolite releases one from any negative attachments to the past that hold one back from attracting opportunities of happiness and success. This stone has a positive vibration filled with tranquil energy, that helps soothe and bring about a state of peaceful zen for the mind, body and spirit.


*This crystal is packed in a Pink Velvet Bag along with an Information Card

*Crystals are a natural stone and therefore may vary in size and shape. This is a natural quality of the material, not a fault.


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lepidolite crystal point

Lepidolite Point

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $37.50.

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